Welcome to the Ahasa Job Board

This job board is a website exclusively used by AHASA members to advertise their healthcare job vacancies to work seekers. Work seekers will use the job board to search for new job opportunities in their area and profession and apply directly with the employer through the job board. 

AHASA is not a recruitment agency. BUT we do support some of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in South Africa who can help you find your ideal temporary or permanent healthcare job. We’ve prepared these resources  to help you use the Job Board and match up your skills with work opportunities throughout South Africa. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Workseekers 
using the Job Board

This FAQ has been prepared to help you use the job board like a pro.

No. You do not need to register a profile to use the Job Board. You are able to freely browse the Job Board and all the vacancies on offer.

You can navigate through the vacancies offered by all the AHASA Members. Once you find a vacancy that is suitable based on your qualification and preferred area, you have the option to Apply for that Vacancy. 

The platform will prompt you to submit basic information (name, surname and cell phone number) in order to apply for the job advert post that you want to apply for.

There is certain information that you must submit in order to complete your application e.g. name & surname and cell phone number. This is to ensure the agency can contact you.


You can also include your qualification, SANC/HPCSA certificate, indemnity(medical malpractice)  email address, agency employee number- these are all optional.  If you want to receive a confirmation of the job application then you need to include an email address.


You have the option to upload any documents (CV, qualifications etc) in PDF, JPEG or Word format. Ensure that the size of your upload is 2MB or less.

No app or special software is needed. To use the job board, all you need to do is visit the website www.ahasa.org  and  navigate to the Work-Seekers page. We recommend using a browser like Google Chrome for optimal experience.

No. You can use any smartphone, tablet or laptop to access the Job Board.

No, there is absolutely no cost to you to use the job board. Every tool on the job seeker side of the Job Board is free.  If you are prompted to pay a fee to the agency for any placement, immediately notify AHASA on info@ahasa.org

There are a few things to check:

  • Ensure that all compulsory fields are completed correctly and in full. This includes ticking the boxes to signal you have read the privacy policy detail and agree to the terms of conditions for using the Job Board platform
  • Check that if you are uploading any documents (CV, qualifications etc) that you are uploading in PDF, JPEG or Word format. You should also ensure that the size of your upload is 2MB or less.

Once you have found a suitable vacancy, go to the blue “Apply For Job” button.  It will open a new page. Here, you will complete all the required information (name, surname and cell phone number) then click on the   Send Application button.


You will receive a confirmation email from the AHASA Job Board. By submitting this information, you give consent for the agency to contact you.

Yes, you can still apply with that agency even if you are not registered with them. Once you have submitted the application, the agency will contact you and assist you with the process of getting registered with them.

Use the Search Jobs Filter on the page. This option lets you filter the job adverts by keywords, location, job type (profession) and/or the type of employment (temporary, permanent.   After selecting your preferences click on the “Search” button.

No, currently this feature is not yet available. For now, we suggest you continuously check back on the website to see if new jobs have been posted.

You will receive an email notification confirming that your application went through. The agency will contact you for further placement.  Please ensure that if you want to receive a confirmation of the job application that you have included an email address.

Protecting your privacy is our highest priority. The job board will never share your information with anyone other than the agency you have selected to apply with. The recruitment representatives of that agency are the only one’s who will receive, view or access any of your information for the sole purpose of placing you in the position you have applied.

AHASA will never share your personal information with any other third party.

AHASA has made great strides towards formalising the nursing and healthcare recruitment  industry, giving work-seekers the confidence that the agency they partner with is legally compliant and has appropriate standards and procedures in place to provide a quality service.

AHASA members have extensive knowledge in working with various healthcare institutions to recruit and manage their workforce. Our members are some of the largest recruitment providers in South Africa and have in-depth experience and knowledge of the industry.


Choosing to work with an AHASA Member will provide you with the assurance and peace of mind that the agency has undergone stringent compliance checks and is accountable to the AHASA Code of Ethics and Pledge


If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you by sending an email to support@ahasa.org  or 083 444 9227.