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Benefits of Joining AHASA

How to Become a Member

Membership to AHASA is not automatic. Certain non-negotiable requirements, see Membership Checklist must be met before an agency as issued with a membership certificate. These requirements are based on compliance legislations to legally operate a nursing agency.

Email the signed application and accompanying documentation to info@ahasa.org.

NB: Should the agency not be in possession of the required compliance documentation at the time of application, a period of three months from the date of application is granted to submit this information. It is mandatory to state that application has been filed with the applicable authorities. Only when the relevant information has been submitted to the AHASA office, will the application be considered and if successful, an AHASA membership certificate issued. Your first monthly fee must be paid on acceptance of your application. Membership lapses at the end of February.

Criteria to qualify for Reduced Rate:

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