Berea Nurses Institute

About Berea

Berea Nurses Institute Pretoria was established as a recruitment and placement company for the Healthcare profession in 1981, with its focus on supplying Nursing- and Support Staff to Clinics, Hospitals, Old-age Homes, Retirement Villages, Rehab Facilities, and several other Government Departments in South Africa.


Berea offers a comprehensive range of services to support the Healthcare Industry and Profession including recruitment, the supply of permanent and temporary staff to the Healthcare community, training, workshops, and pre- and post-assessment of staff.


Berea has a trusted, reliable, and loyal workforce which indicates reliable services to the market. Clinical assessment by a qualified Clinical Facilitator and continuous in-service training have contributed to the positive attitude of the assignees in the workplace and improvement on clinically identified gaps.


Our Healthcare Footprint

Private Hospitals


Old Age Home/Frail Care

Rehab Facilities

and several other Government Departments in South Africa.

Our Branches

Tel: +27 12 3287335

WhatsApp:  +27 82 5516234


Operating Hours: 08:00 -15:00 (Mon to Thurs) and 08:00 to 12:00 (Fri)

Physical Address: 19 Delsen Centre, 307 Paul Kruger Street, Capital Park,0084


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