WITS Funded Programmes 2018

Recruitment industry specific skills programmes offered by WITS and funded by Services SETA

There is currently a lot of pressure on the recruitment industry, much of which is made up of SME players. The changes in legislation, exacerbated by the uncertainty with regards to the impact of the “deeming provision” within the LRAA (currently subject to legal reviews), has caused business and job losses. The rapidly changing World of Work, increased advances in technology and complexity of offering compliant services to a more sophisticated client base, means that many recruiters are struggling to remain relevant.

In 2015, CAPES embarked on a process of developing qualifications, with WITS, that would address the need to educate individuals working within the industry, increasing their capacity to offer 21st century relevant services in a compliant manner. These qualifications are accredited by WITS and recognised by the CHE and were developed, not only to ensure effective upskilling within the industry, but to allow portability into other industries enabling skills transfer. These are:

• NQF 5 – Wits Brochure (updated 2017)
• NQF 7 – Wits Brochure (Updated 2017)

Using the latest adult learning techniques, the programmes combine up-to-date theory, industry expert lecturers and syndicate working groups to ensure direct application to the business. Assignments are “fit for purpose” and will be able to be taken back to the business for implementation. The courses are offered as a series of modules over 6 months, with monthly 2-day contact sessions that mitigate impact on business.


In September 2017, CAPES, on behalf of its member associations APSO, AHASA, CEA and ITA, approached the Services SETA to apply for discretionary funding to run these programmes in 2018. We are pleased to confirm that funding has been approved by the SSETA Board that will enable two hundred (200) industry players to participate in the two programmes.

We’ve ensured that access is spread, as far as is logistically possible, across SA with programmes taking place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. 

To enable fair access to these funded places, a series of criteria, combining those required by WITS (non-negotiable), Services SETA and CAPES has been developed. All interested parties will be expected to complete and submit their Expression of Interest and the required supporting documentation, and will be assessed according to the criteria before their participation can be confirmed. Programmes are scheduled to kick-off in February & March 2018 so your urgent response is required.


All members of CAPES, and their Associations, are invited to submit an Expression of Interest to participate in the SSETA funded learning programmes set to kick off next month. There is a limitation on space and your urgent attention is drawn to the participation criteria. Please complete the Expression of Interest process to be considered for one of these spaces.


  1. Determine which of the 2 programmes,, and in which city (JHB, DBN or CT) you’re most interested in attending, ensuring that you can attend all contact sessions (see NQF 5 Programme Schedule and NQF 7 Programme Schedule)
  2. Assess your suitability by checking the Participation Criteria Matrix
  3. Get your company to complete form A1 (Company EOI)
  4. Complete form A2 (Individual EOI)
  5. Submit both completed, signed forms together with the documents requested in form A2 – send to wits@capes.org.za

The principle of first come, first served applies to suitably qualified applicants however CAPES reserves the right to limit maximum participation from any single entity to ensure equitable opportunity for industry players. 

To assist in understanding the process to be followed, please see the diagram below:

Ref: http://www.capes.org.za/wits-funded-programmes-2018/