Dear Valued Clients and Esteemed Member Agencies

AHASA is thrilled to announce and celebrate a momentous occasion – the 30th anniversary of the Allied Healthcare Association of South Africa (AHASA). As an industry body for Healthcare Recruitment Agencies, we are celebrating three incredible decades of dedication, growth, and unwavering commitment to standards in healthcare recruitment companies.

As AHASA commemorates its milestone as the esteemed industry body for compliant healthcare recruitment companies, we are excited to unveil 30 Great Milestones to Partner with AHASA Agencies.

Milestone#1 is our unwavering commitment to legal compliance and industry standards.

AHASA member agencies stand as paragons of trust, having diligently registered with the Department of Employment and Labour as Private Employment Agencies (PEA) or Temporary Employment Services (TES). This dedication ensures that our member agencies operate within the legal framework, providing clients and agency members with a foundation of reliability, transparency, and professionalism.

Compliance is non-negotiable

In a landscape where compliance is non-negotiable, AHASA member agencies stand out as the gold standard. In AHASA effort to ensure top-notch service to clients, AHASA members must undergo rigorous screening annually to ensure compliance with all legal requirements for agency operation.  See table highlighting TES Governance Checklist for clients

Rest assured, our members are only issued membership certificates upon meeting these stringent criteria, offering peace of mind and reliability to valued clients.

In addition to meeting legal entry requirements, AHASA members also undergo on-site audits every two years. This ensures that our members maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance, providing clients with peace of mind and assurance in their choice of agency partners.

TES- Governance Checklist for Clients

Registration: TES must be registered with Department of Employment and Labour
1. Good Standing with Compensation Commissioner
2. Compliance with UIF
3. Employment Equity Reports (if applicable)
4. Compliance with LRA & BCEA
5. Commercial Professional Indemnity
6. On-site audits every 2 years


Our 30year journey is a testament to the collective efforts of our clients and member agencies. Thank you for being an integral part of the AHASA community of healthcare recruitment agencies.

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil the remaining 29 Milestones that make AHASA member agencies the pinnacle of excellence in healthcare recruitment.

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