Benefits of Joining AHASA

  • Members will receive industry-related information which includes important documentation as well as relevant press articles and information from industry stakeholders that AHASA is privy to.
  • Members are automatically included to CAPES – AHASA is a member of CAPES (Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector), which means that its members are too. This inclusion automatically provides AHASA members with CAPES support, information and invites to CAPES events.
  • Automatic representation – AHASA engages with stakeholders on issues of collective interest on behalf of its members, i.e. negotiating with the unions for Ministerial Determination, submission to Departments of Labour and Department of Health on labour and healthcare issues, Services and Health & Welfare SETA.
  • Networking opportunities – AHASA is affiliated to important organisations and is invited to events, workshops and conferences, which are also extended to the AHASA membership.
  • AHASA also hosts its own events regional workshops which are specifically geared for members, clients and related stakeholders.
  • Effective marketing – As a member that is in good standing of AHASA your logo and contact details will automatically appear on the AHASA website and included in healthcare conferences or exhibition that AHASA advertises at eg AHASA, Annual Brunch, FPNL Conference, AHASA Conference
  • Training – AHASA provides induction programmes and training workshops to its members.
  • Ensuring compliance – AHASA audits its agencies to ensure that they are fully compliant.
  • Credibility – Member agencies are instantly recognised as credible service providers since AHASA has a certain reputation in the industry. This means that clients take preference over AHASA agencies who they trust to meet AHASA’s compliance and ethical standards.
  • AHASA encourages communication through our mentorship program which has been designed to provide insight, direction and support to new members. EXCO members are committed to offering support to members.


How to Become a Member


Membership to AHASA is not automatic. Certain non-negotiable requirements, see Membership Checklist must be met before an agency as issued with a membership certificate. These requirements are based on compliance legislations to legally operate a nursing agency.

Click here to download Membership Application Form


Email the signed application and accompanying documentation to

NB: Should the agency  not be in possession of the required compliance documentation at the time of application, a period of three months from the date of application is granted to submit this information. It is mandatory to state that application has been filed with the applicable authorities. Only when the relevant information has been submitted to the AHASA office, will the application be considered and if successful, an AHASA membership certificate issued. Your first monthly fee must be paid on acceptance of your application. Membership lapses at the end of February.



Criteria to qualify for Reduced Rate:

1.  Must earn annual income of R5 million or less:

– provide financial statements for the preceding year as proof that your turnover.

– provide an EMP501 for the February and August submission to SARS.

2.  Must have exemption in terms of Section 4 of the Statement of the Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) of 2007 and automatic Level 4 status.


 AHASA Agencies

Click here to view the list of AHASA Member Agencies in South Africa.

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