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To maintain a reputation as a vital role player within the South African healthcare framework, AHASA has found co-operation with the following organisations. As an AHASA member you benefit from the guidance and support provided by these organisations.


Prof Portal Africa


Identify the potential of making a considerable difference in standardising healthcare providers skills and standards. Update and refresh healthcare providers on the latest standards and evidence based protocols with a growing range of modules. The platform is facilitated using PulseWeb® learning technology, a web-based learning environment centered on individual learning processes in the context of an organisation. The concept combines the different roles which are involved in effective development of skills.

These processes can all be created, followed and reported, establishing an educational infrastructure for continuous learning in, and between, organisations. The platform provides a management tool that enables HR and management to keep track of what their staff know, and more importantly – what they don’t know. This information will assist in planning the needed modules to fill the gaps and progressively develop their staff in an efficient way.

Less time in the classroom and more time in the ward! The platform has the added benefit of keeping track of CPD points for the staff and expiry dates of points. The overview allows management to keep track of what their staff is learning and how they are progressing



AHASA is an active member of the Confederation of Association in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES). They are an industry association representing the interests of the Temporary Employment Services (TES) industry.

CAPES forms a unified body to engage in macro-level activities, to proactively lobby government and regulators and challenge adverse legislation around the future of our members TES/labour broking as it is commonly referred to.  AHASA task team attend monthly CAPES meetings and also circulate weekly their articles to our members.



Services SETA

Services SETA  (SSETA) have been established to ensure that the skill needs for every sector of the South African economy are identified and that training is available to provide for these skill needs. SSETA aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the Authority, its structure and its functions.

Our SSETA representative is Leigh-Ann Georgiev who is responsible for filtering relevant information to membership and attend meetings and forums on their behalf. Leigh-Ann is also a member of the Accounting Authority and serves on various chambers & committees within the Services SETA.



Health and Welfare SETA

Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA) has been established to facilitate skills development in the health and social development sector to ensure that the skills needs are identified and addressed through a number of initiatives by the SETA and the sector.



SANC (South African Nursing Council)

012 420 1000 www.sanc.co.za 


HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa)

012 338 9301 www.hpcsa.co.za 


DOH (Department of Health)

012 395 8000 / 012 395 9000 www.doh.gov.za 


DOL (Department of Labour)

012 309 4000 www.labour.gov.za


FPNL (Forum for Professional Nurse Leaders)

082 558 1649 / 072 357 2423 www.fpnl.co.za





For additional support contact the AHASA office and speak to the Administration Manager, who will assist you with industry-related issues and queries.



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