AHASA Members List


AHASA membership is annual which is updated through the member list appearing below. Clients requiring verification of AHASA Membership can utilize the list  below but it MUST be done in conjunction with the AHASA office. This can be done via email.



Agency Telephone Website E-mail
partner-8 Berea Nurses Institute 012-328-7335 www.berni.co.za berea@berni.co.za
partner-14 Legend Medical Solutions 011-728-0183 Coming Soon admin@legendmedical.co.za
partner-7 MHR (Tshwane + Northern) 012-440-7688 www.mhr.co.za elsa.ackermann@mhr.co.za




partner-3 Nursing Emergencies 011-485-4583 www.nursingemergencies.co.za nursemer@iafrica.com
 partner-4 Nursetec (Pretoria) 012-347-5421 Coming Soon nico@nursetecsa.co.za
 partner-11 Pretoria Verpleegdienste 012-807-5998 Coming Soon susan123@mweb.co.za
partner-17 Seanda Healthcare 011-484-0042 www.seandahealthcare.co.za info@seandahealthcare.co.za
  partner-5  S Mab Nursing (Branch)
partner-6 Unique Health 011-675-0600 www.uniquehealth.co.za   




 partner-2 V and A Nursing Agency 011-366-1693 Coming Soon victor@va-agency.co.za




Agency Telephone Website E-mail
 partner-4 Nursetec (Pretoria) Satellite Office 071-624-0897 Coming Soon jovani@nursetecsa.co.za
North West

North West

Agency Telephone Website E-mail
partner-4 Nursetec (Pretoria) Satellite Office 082-484-1152 Coming Soon diana@nursetecsa.co.za
 partner-5 S Mab Nursing (Branch) (t) 014-592-7688 (f) (088) 014-592-7383 www.smabagency.co.za inforust@smabagency.co.za
Eastern Cape

 Eastern Cape

Agency Telephone Website E-mail
East London
Amatola Nursing Services 043-743-0585 Coming Soon anniebob@mweb.co.za
 partner-17 Seanda Healthcare 043-742-0099 www.seandahealthcare.co.za info@seandahealthcare.co.za
  Port Elizabeth
partner-17 Seanda Healthcare 041-363-9979 www.seandahealthcare.co.za info@seandahealthcare.co.za
 partner-17 Seanda Healthcare 047-531-4966 www.seandahealthcare.co.za info@seandahealthcare.co.za
Western Cape

Western Cape

Agency Telephone Website E-mail
 Cape Town
 partner-1 Allmed Healthcare Professionals 021-713-0720 www.allmed.co.za




partner-7 MHR 021-943-6200 www.mhr.co.za cky.collier@mhr.co.za
partner-13 Med X Staff Solutions 021-853-8879 www.medxstaff.co.za grant@medxstaff.co.za
partner-4 Nursetec (Pretoria) Branch 021-510-3204  Coming Soon mary@nursetecsa.co.za
partner-17 Seanda Healthcare 021-422-3031 www.seandahealthcare.co.za info@seandahealthcare.co.za
partner-5 S Mab Nursing (t) 021-556 7654 (f) (088)-021-556-7172 www.smabagency.co.za infoct@smabagency.co.za
medial tower Tower Medical (021) 405-2600 www.towergroup.co.za stevenv@towergroup.co.za
partner-6 Unique Health 021-910-0198 www.uniquehealth.co.za capetown@uniquehealth.biz


Free State

 Free State

Agency Telephone Website E-mail
  logo-bera Berea Nurses Institute 051-444-0462 www.berea.biz mariaan@berea.biz
partner-7 MHR Central 051-441-4111 www.mhr.co.za    daleen.maritz@mhr.co.za
 partner-5 S Mab Nursing (Branch) (t) 051-430-4996

(f) (088) 051-430-4998

www.smabagency.co.za infoblm@smabagency.co.za


Kwazulu Natal


Agency Telephone Website E-mail
partner-4 Nursetec (Pretoria) Branch 031-266-0874 Coming Soon  estelle@nursetecsa.co.za
partner-17 Seanda Healthcare 031-265-8422 www.seandahealthcare.co.za info@seandahealthcare.co.za
 medial tower  Tower Medical  031-267-4460  www.towergroup.co.za  kerrym@towergroup.co.za